Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh Kinley

You sure give me a run for my money. You are quite the social bug. If anyone is in the room with you, you'll give them a smile. If they leave the room you are quick to cry to get them to return.

You took your first crawl "step" on August 21st and now you are a crawling pro. You get into absolutely everything. Your favorite is shoes. I feel like you have a completely different gear when you see a shoe in your path.

You pulled yourself up on the couch for the first time yesterday. You were quite proud of yourself. You had a HUGE grin and even chuckled to yourself.

You still don't love to sleep. You like to eat okay and we were hoping that the food and crawling would help you sleep, but it hasn't helped yet.

You've been working on your upper teeth for a couple of weeks now and you finally cut them this morning. They are huge and look quite painful. I'm so sorry boo...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Gone Campin'

We went camping for the weekend with our dear friends the Parlas. It was SO hot, but the kids didn't seem to notice the heat. They kept busy jumping in the bounce house, playing in the pool, riding bikes, dancing at all of the campground festivities and cruising on the scooter.

Joe, Brian, Kinley and Henry (babies were born just two days apart)

Check out those rosy cheeks!
My morning view coming from our "bedroom"
Breakfast time! Emily got her helmet on so she could play as soon as we finished eating.

Sisters loving each other...
Emily and Oliver after dancing their hearts out.