Saturday, February 20, 2010

Zoo time

Last year we had annual passes to Sea World and Disneyland and we realize that with a newborn we don't necessarily need to have passes to an amusement park since so much of it is spent with me away from the family nursing. (not to mention the hefty price tag that goes along with it.) However, we really enjoy taking Emily out to explore new things. Emily has only visited one mediocre zoo, so we decided it was time to take her to one that actually has animals like elephants, lions, monkeys etc...

Have I mentioned how much I love the Parla family? They are always willing to join us in our adventures. It is so much fun for all of us because Emily and Oliver play so well together. Joe and Brian are such great friends and Alisha and I get to bond over motherhood and all the things that go along with it. Thankfully our three week olds were on the same nursing schedule so we just sat at a picnic table and fed the kiddos while Joe and Brian took the older kids to the playground.

We used the video camera more on this trip than the regular digital camera so believe it or not, these are the only photos I got---NONE of them include an animal! We were all amazed at how close we were to a lion. I mean, seriously close. Emily enjoyed it since she just recently watched Madagascar...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More than a bassinet

When I was pregnant with Emily, our friends loaned us their bassinet. We didn't realize how much we would love the idea of a bassinet until we used it. Emily slept in our room for the first couple of months until she was sleeping longer stretches then we moved her to her crib in her room.

Our friends that loaned us the bassinet with Emily were/are pregnant at the same time I was pregnant with Kinley so we knew we couldn't borrow the bassinet. When Brian's dad heard we needed a bassinet he called to let us know that he had held onto Brian's bassinet. We had no idea. Brian's dad and grandfather built this bassinet in anticipation for Brian's arrival. It's very sentimental for me to know that my youngest daughter sleeps where her dad once slept. There are no words.

Brian's dad kept the bassinet in good condition, but decided to spruce it up a bit and paint it for us and even hand delivered it to us all the way from Oregon.

This bassinet sat empty in our room for a couple of months. It's right next to my side of the bed. I can't tell you how many times I stared at this empty bassinet wondering what it was like for Brian's parents to watch him sleeping. I wondered what their prayers were for him. I wondered if they sat and watched his facial expressions while he slept. I wondered if they dreamed for him while he rested. I wondered so many things.

I knew that someday soon I would be looking into the bassinet at my daughter. I knew that all I would want to do is stare. I knew I would be overcome with emotion. I just didn't realize that I wasn't the only one....

You see, it's more than a bassinet. It's love.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

First couple of weeks

For journaling purposes, I want to document what the past 2 weeks have been like for this new fam of four. Brian and I are EXHAUSTED. The hospital stay was not the same as it was when we delivered Emily. The hospital was packed---we were told that every time the nurses shifts changed. I never moved from the labor and delivery room which had some perks---larger room and the bed for Brian was more comfortable, but the bed for me was horrible. Since it was purely a labor and delivery bed---it wasn't cozy in the slightest and to sit there all day certainly didn't help the healing process. I came home in more pain this time around and even a bit more tired. I think the shock of having a baby early took it's toll on me as well.

We came home from the hospital and Emily came down with a horrible cold. It started out as just a cough, but then she had a fever for three days and the cough seemed to sound much more deep and rough to me. We set up a doctor's appointment for her because she wasn't eating or sleeping well. (thankfully she was still requesting liquids.) The sleep took another toll on me. Kinley was up every 2-3 hours and then Emily would wake right after Kinley went down. I think Brian and I both felt like zombies.

Unfortunately, when Kinley was born, my dad, sister, niece were all sick so we didn't have too much help, but my mom has been an absolute champ. She took three days off work to help and has offered to keep Emily overnight a couple nights this weekend. It's truly a blessing. We wake up so tired, but Emily wakes up needing our attention to the fullest. She's been acting out to get our attention and that's new for us. She's whining and crying a lot, but when Grandma is around, she's happy as a lark. **I should certainly include that since my dad has been feeling better he came down to give us a few hours of a break and helps with the overnight stays too.** The cousins get to meet Kinley tonight for the first time too so that should be fun.

Kinley is up just about every 2-3 hours during the night and because of her jaundice state we've been told to wake her every 3 hours during the day. So, I don't completely feel like myself, but more like a cow---She likes to be held and comforted throughout the day and sometimes at night too.

Today we got out for the first time as a family of four and walked around the neighborhood. Emily got some park time and Kinley got her snuggle time since I was "wearing" her. I hope to come out of this fog of tiredness soon!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kinley in pictures

Holding Kinley for the first time...
The newest addition...
Emily meeting Kinley for the first time.
She immediately asked to hold her...
Checking out her sister
Dressed and ready to head home
Leaving the hospital.
We really didn't know that I was in labor as early as I was. We had the car seat, just not the right head piece. We had to take the pillowcase off of Brian's pillow to support her head on the way home....oops!
Kinley was jaundice at birth and it was suggested that we supplement with formula after a nursing session. Emily asked if she could feed her and we were happy to let her help...