Sunday, June 29, 2008

Second Honeymoon

Okay, it isn't really a second honeymoon, but we're looking forward to revisiting Walt Disney World---it's been almost 5 years.  So much has changed for the 2 of us, or should I say 3?  I was looking at pictures from our Honeymoon and for some reason our computer is saying that the pictures I wanted to post are "corrupt" (no, not that kind of corrupt) so here are just a few pictures from our honeymoon.  

My sister and I stood in this same tunnel when we were kids, so when I saw it, I made sure that we got a picture taken there too. 
MGM Grand
Magic Kingdom
Epcot--I can already taste the chips and salsa we'll be having on Friday. 
Timpano's!  This was our favorite restaurant while we were in Florida.  It isn't in one of the parks, but it is in Orlando.  Brian and I are going to have dinner there on Saturday night!  My parents are taking care of the kiddo and I am so excited.  We have only been out about 4 times by ourselves since Emily was born, so it will be nice to get to go back to "our" restaurant.  I hope it is as good this time as it was when we went there before!  

Thursday, June 26, 2008

5 new entries!!!!

My husband says I overblogged. I guess I had a lot of catching up to do.  

sometimes I am just plain awkward

So, today was a "fun" day and by fun I mean not so much fun.  I had to go to the Ears, Nose and Throat doctor because I have been having nosebleeds for the past year and a half.  For those of you who really know me, know that I HATE shots.  I mean, just typing the word shots makes me a little nervous.  I thought I was there for a check up, but I didn't know that I would have to get a cauterization done.  The nurse came in and had me sign some more forms and got me ready for the procedure, including putting some sticky pad on my back that tells the doctor if he is about to hit something he shouldn't.  She sprayed something in my nose to help numb it.   
The doctor comes back in with a shot of some more numbing medicine.  A SHOT!!!!  He sees the panic in my eyes and tells me just to close them and he'll talk me through it.  I do as I am told and then all of a sudden, my 29 year old self turns into a child.  It started burning and I got all light headed and instead of saying "stop" like he asked.  I do short little squeals as though I am acting like Emily.  He obviously got the message and stopped, but I was feeling silly.  (It is the strangest thing to be numb in your nose, back of your throat and tongue.) The doctor leaves the room and comes back to do the procedure and finds a pale faced patient.  (Yes, more pale than I already am.)  He was concerned and helped me get some candy out of my purse before proceeding with the procedure.  He started panicking that I was diabetic, but no, just needed some sugar for my low blood pressure.  
Before he started the procedure, he asked me if I had any metal in my body or implants.  He says the word implants and it reminds me that I am a breast feeding mother and I hope that the stuff he just injected in my nose wouldn't affect my milk---so I very awkwardly bring up the fact that I don't have implants, but I did have a concern about the numbing medicine.  It was just awkward.  
 To top it all off....he was the one to take off the sticky pad on my back.  Yep, he got a little muffin top surprise.  Here's the problem.  He was a really young guy and from what I could tell he wasn't married, so I am assuming that he has no idea how pregnancy can change your entire body.....yay for muffin tops!  

more pics

Grandma's Birthday

I know I already posted a similar picture, but I love how Emily is gripping onto Haley

Father's Day at church.  Brian was working so Emily and I surprised him

Park time with Anne and Luke

Saying Goodbye

Megan and I worked together for a year and a half.    I can tell you that in that year and a half I found a friend that accepts me exactly where I am.  I'll never forget the day that I told Megan that I was pregnant---her genuine excitement was so sweet.  You see, Megan and I both struggled with getting pregnant and she was THRILLED when I told her.  You can imagine how incredibly excited I was to learn she was pregnant 5 weeks behind me.  We bonded in such a special way.  We went to the same doctor, we worked at the same place---we were living somewhat parallel lives.  Megan and her family left for Colorado today.  I said goodbye to her yesterday and it was so hard.  She is truly a special friend.  I already miss her so much!   Here is a pic of Megan/Patrick and me and Emily about 2 weeks ago.  

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stroller saga

So, I am looking for a stroller for our trip to Disneyworld.  I am down to the wire.  I have a graco stroller and I like it, but it is bigger than I would like to lug in Florida.  So, I am looking at all kinds of websites trying to find something for sale----cheap.  I came across this and was shocked.  Last I knew, dogs were supposed to do the running, but yet, they have pet jogging strollers!!!

Quick update

I realized the other day when looking at Emily's grandma wolf's blog that I need to update some pictures.  I will be doing that soon.  Brian and I have both had really crazy work weeks....lots of late nights between the two of us, so by the time we both get home, we just want to hang out as a fam.  We are truly blessed that we have such an understanding caretaker of Emily.  Linda loves our little girl and we just realized that Emily LOVES her too.  Emily is going through a bit of separation anxiety.  She doesn't like us to leave the room or she cries.  It doesn't matter if I am sitting right next to Emily, if Brian gets up, she is crying and vice versa.  I guess she also does that with Linda too.  Linda has lots of kids at her home, so she also has helpers that come in daily.  If Linda enters the room and then leaves while they are changing her diaper, she starts crying because she wants Linda with her.  Emily is extremely social.  She will pass up on a nap if that means she gets to hang out with other people.  It's fascinating.  

Emily now has 2 teeth on the bottom and I think she might be working on one on the top.  She isn't very happy when they are coming in.  Thankfully, she is more cranky during the day than the night.  So, she has still been sleeping pretty well.  

Anyway, that is the quick update for now, like I said, I will try to post some pictures soon!  

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So you think you can dance

So, is Cat Deeley pregnant?  If she isn't this is horrible of me, but she looks like she is carrying a little ball on her belly.  She kept holding her tummy too.  Did anyone else notice? 

Okay, so I am watching the show right now and she isn't holding her stomach at all like last week.  In fact, I think someone told her not to touch her belly because she keeps holding her hands in a a fist.  The black dress is tight and doesn't show a "ball" like last week's dress did.  So, I think I might be wrong in the pregnancy thing, but I have found that I am not the only one who thought that.  After I posted it, I googled about Cat Deeley and apparently a lot of people were asking the same question.  


Monday, June 9, 2008

Castor oil

Okay, since my dad sold me out on his blog, I figured that I might as well share one of the funniest moments that I have shared with my dad.

When I was nearing the end of my pregnancy, I started wondering what would help the process move a little more quickly. I had heard about all kinds of interesting things, but the one that just seemed to baffle me and gross me out was the thought of consuming “castor oil.” I couldn’t understand why ANY ONE would want to consume this, it just didn’t make sense. I guess once you drink it, it is supposed to cause you to cramp and the cramping should help start the contractions.

So, November 6th (Emily’s due date) came and went. I was off work at this point and my dad offered to come and hang out with me. So, we decided to drive over to Whole Foods and pick up some Raspberry red leaf tea. I had heard that this was also supposed to help with moving things right along. So, my dad wandered off in the store---like he often does. I found him around the vitamin aisle and I asked him what he was looking for. He told me that he was looking for the castor oil so that he could read about it too. I told him that he wouldn’t find it there. He asked me why not and I said that he would have to find it at an auto shop or something like that. He looked at me with the most confused look on his face and in that moment I knew we weren’t thinking about the same thing. I asked him what castor oil was and then it hit me!!! I thought castor oil was castrol oil! No wonder I thought it was absurd! Oh man, we laughed for a very long time. Good thing I didn’t try the castrol oil---I would have been cramping alright!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ladies and Gents...

As of June 1st Emily has her first tooth!  She is a little shy about this new addition, but it is there!