Monday, June 25, 2012

The New Adventure

I am a sentimental fool.

Brian and I moved into our home four years ago as a family of three.  Emily was almost five months old when we first moved in.  She wasn't crawling yet...just sitting, giggling and babbling.  Obviously, she grew up.  She learned to crawl, to pull herself up, to walk, to eat solids, to dance, to swim.  Her first friends visited her in this home.  She sang "Jesus loves me" to my belly when I was pregnant with Kinley.  She became a big sister and then she helped Kinley learn to crawl, to pull herself up, to walk, to eat solids, to dance and to swim.  

So, here we are less than one week remaining in this home and I am recalling every sweet and precious memory that we have shared together in this home.  I know that our new adventure will be just as full of incredible stories, but in this moment, I'm thinking of the first time Emily fed Kinley a bottle.  In this moment, I'm thinking of the times that Kinley looked out the window and called out to the neighborhood boy and said hi.  In this moment I'm thinking of our bedtime prayers and songs sung together. 

I have always enjoyed change.  I love learning new areas.  I look forward to family trips to the beach on the weekends.  I envision our children playing in the backyard (since we don't have anything but a street to play on right now).  I picture going through lots of band-aids and giving lots of snuggles from boo-boos.  I imagine cook-outs. I see the girls having dance parties.  I see fun.

Although our family has grown together here, I know that this is not where it stops.  Even though I am a little nervous to leave the safety of my current comfort zone, I am ready for the new adventure.