Monday, January 30, 2012

KInley's 2nd birthday---extravaganza

My sweet, funny, curious, baby turned two on Friday. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE birthdays. I may have terrified Kinley a bit when she woke up on Friday with my birthday cheers, but by the end of the weekend, she loved telling anyone who would listen that it was her birthday.

Friday night we started out with family at Chuck E. Cheese. Grandma and Papa, Uncle Cory and Auntie Holly, Auntie Kristi and cousins Haley and Lexi joined us in the fun. Before I knew it we had spent almost THREE hours there! We had so much fun. So many giggles, smiles, and just altogether good fun.

Although it looks like she is giving her baby CPR, she was just giving lots of kisses to her new baby over and over. She loves the handmade blanket my mom made her babies too.

On Saturday morning we met up at the park with our friends Mark, Jaime, Elliot, Addilyn, Laura, Tommy and Sara. The kids played and we all baked in the sun! Kinley rode her first tire swing and seemed to really enjoy it. She spent a lot of time in the sand too.
After naps we headed to dinner and Dairy queen for a little birthday treat.
Sunday we headed to church and then straight to Disneyland for some fun with Joe, Alisha, Oliver and Henry. Henry and Kinley are just two days apart in their birth and it was such a fun day celebrating both of their lives. Alisha and I have such a kindred connection for sharing pregnancy, child rearing etc...together with each child.

Trying to pull out the sword...

Emily and Oliver have had such a special connection since birth. I don't know what it is about those two, but it's pretty fun to watch her with him when I know just how shy she is. Oliver cares so much about her too and it just warms my heart. (Yeah, I know that they are only four.....)
I just love this picture of Henry and Kinley. There is cake sitting in front of them, but they look like they are just getting carried away in conversation. It's precious.
My little tired bug. I asked her if she wanted to ride a ride or if she wanted to lay down. She told me lay down and she was asleep in less than two minutes. Poor girl. We just had too much fun all weekend.

Happy Birthday baby girl. Mama loves you so much!