Thursday, July 30, 2009

You know you are pregnant when... are out of breath going up and down stairs or just from simply having a conversation.
...your clothes don't fit and you try every trick in the book to be able to wear them just one more time before moving into maternity clothes. cry at Disneyland fireworks, SYTYCD practice video, a little girl playing piano on Ellen Degeneres etc... literally think you will die if you do not eat when you are hungry in the exact moment you realize you are hungry----oh and it better be the right food or that might also bring on tears. take anti-nausea pills just so you can sit upright.
...your daughter pulls your shirt up and says baby. gain 6 pounds in 4 weeks because your anti-nausea pills worked just enough to make you hungry, but you're nervous to keep your stomach too empty because the nausea gets worse. see this at your 12 week appointment.....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beach Day!!

Emily and Isabelle (Belle as Emily calls her) under the umbrella at the beach.
She's playing with a shovel and a bucket....I just couldn't resist getting a picture of her sweet face. So intentional. If you look closely you can see all of the sand all over her face.
Emily decided she wanted to venture out to the water. Here she is staring at the waves crashing....obviously.
This is her "excited" stance. She puts her hands on her quads and bends forward.
The water got us! She was no longer excited and wanted to go back to the towel immediately! What can I was her first beach experience.

More Potty Talk

Sunday night, Holly and Cory watched the kiddo while Brian and I got away for a couple of hours. Thankfully, she had read my previous potty talk entry because Emily asked to go potty while she was here....twice. One time was at the park, but they got to the potty too late. The second time she was taking a bath and asked to go potty. Holly took her out of the bath and onto the potty and she went "pee-pee!" I couldn't believe it. I was so bummed I wasn't here for it, but so excited for her. I freaked her out a bit when I celebrated her when I got home. We went into the bathroom to see what she did and I was so excited that she kinda hid in the corner. I explained to her why I was so excited etc... and she seemed to turn around (literally and figuratively).

The next day, I went to Disneyland with my sister. We went to see a show and before it began I snuck away to use the restroom. Emily didn't see me leave but apparently this conversation happened while I was away.

E: "where'd mommy go?"
K: "She went to the potty"
E: put hands together and started clapping, "YAY!!!"

She definitely gets the excitement factor that we have for her! haha! We're being really casual about it. Sometimes she really wants to go and sometimes she doesn't and I just feel like for a 20 month old....that's okay.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

HUGE Milestone

So, this is probably just for me to look back at since I use the blog partially as a journal, BUT she POOPED IN THE POTTY, kind of.

Emily and I have been talking a lot about the potty. A couple of times today, she wanted to sit on the potty. (We've had a potty in her bathroom for a couple of months now. She sits on it sometimes fully clothed, other times naked.) So, today, we were talking about the potty and she went into her bathroom. I asked her if she wanted to sit on it. She said "no" while shaking her head "yes." Pulled her pants down and took the diaper off. This afternoon she wanted to go again, so she started pulling her pants down. Nothing either time. Not a drip. Not a smudge.

We went to the fair tonight and had a great time. We came home and I saw her pushing. While she was pushing I asked her if she wanted to go to the potty. She completely stopped pushing. I asked Brian to come assist her in getting to the potty. As soon as she sat down, plop. So, that's why it is a "kind of." She probably did most of the work in the diaper, BUT she understood by our praise how cool it was. She was looking in the potty so proud of herself. Quite a cool moment for this mommy!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Drenched rat

Had a nice day with our friends Sarah, Tanner and Peyton. We started out the morning heading to a kid's gym for the kiddos to play. Emily had a love/hate relationship with it. She really enjoyed some of the activities, but didn't understand the required structure when the parents had to bring kids to the center of the room for an activity. So, when I pulled her away from her activities she didn't adjust quickly.

Sarah wanted to take Tanner to the little water fountain area. I assured her that Emily wasn't interested. I didn't pack a swim diaper/swimsuit/sunscreen/towel etc...So, guess who decided she was VERY interested? Sheesh! Learned my lesson. Thankfully, Sarah had sunscreen and a towel for Emily.

The first picture shows her lack of interest in the water at first. She stood and watched the kids for a good ten minutes before showing any interest. Once she saw Tanner sitting near the wall was all over.

There's a video below the three pictures. (I'm sure only family is interested, but it's pretty cute.....this is HUGE for the Johnson family)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Vacation in pictures...

Emily hasn't really spent much time in a pool. Besides last week, the last time she was in a pool was LAST JULY!!! (not that we haven't tried, she screams in fear.) We were so excited that she walked right into this pool.  The ring was her friend, but only if it was to her side, NOT on her. 
Poor girl...these shoes worked great, UNTIL we noticed she had some serious blisters happening, so they only lasted the first couple days. 
LOVE this picture....Emily and Grandpa
We went to a Teppan restaurant and I asked for some tofu, this is the bowl they gave us and she pretty much ate the entire contents of the bowl!
Haley helped Emily get acquainted with chopsticks for the first time too...

Pretty girl...
Lexi styled Emily's hair....isn't it lovely?
Sweet cousins
On the way home we decided to stop for lunch.  Brian and I got a frosty at Wendy's....guess who wanted to "try" (her newest word....she says "try" every time she sees us eating.  Sometimes it works in our favor, sometimes it doesn't.  She LOVED the frosty.  

I didn't get ONE single picture of Emily and me or Emily and Kristi/Curtis all week.  I got one picture of my mom and Emily but it's of their backside!  Oh dear.  I really didn't think about having my camera with me during all occasions.  I'm really bummed about that now.  Anyway, we had a great week! 

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I gotta tell you having this time off of work is AMAZING for me and my little girl.  We are having a G-R-E-A-T time and I can't even begin to tell you all that we have talked about.  It's fascinating to hear different words become even more clear than before and hear new words for the first time.  Her sentence structure is really coming together too.  

Brian's favorite is "where'd it go?" with her hands up in the air while asking the question.  "it" can be substituted for a person too, so if daddy was in the room and then leaves..."where'd daddy go?"

My favorite this week was a teeny conversation we were having which went like this....
E: HI!!!
J: Hi Emily!
E: Helllllllloooooooo MOMMY! 

My dad came over this morning and I got to witness such a sweet time of visiting.  Emily LOVES her grandpa right now.  I don't know what got her so giddy, but all of a sudden she is all about grandpa.  They were playing with picture cards.  You ask her to find a picture and when she finds it she puts it in your lap.  All of a sudden I hear, "grampa" she starts taking the pictures out of his lap so that she can sit in it.  She's really learning the art of communication and I LOVE IT!  (I know the repetition might drive me nuts later, but right's amazing)