Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Okay, so I haven't been posting much lately, but I had a very busy weekend and took lots of pictures and decided it was time to blog again!  Brian and I just got back from Fresno visiting some very good friends.  It was Amy's 30th birthday and she had a party in their GORGEOUS new home.  Our condo could fit in their garage!  We had a wonderful time catching up with them.  We spent the night Friday night and then headed over to the Bomar's home.  Emily and Luke had so much fun hanging out with each other---and the mom/dad's had fun talking too.  

Sidebar---Many of you may remember our desperate request for prayer on behalf of Luke Bomar.  Steve and Anne were told just nine hours after his birth that his chances of survival were slim to none.  Luke just celebrated his first birthday and he is SO precious!  I got to look through their memory books from the past year and it was really neat to be reminded of just how GOOD God is.  Thank you for your prayers for him!  He is certainly all boy and Emily tried to keep up, but as evidenced in pictures below--- she didn't quite keep up all of the time!

Emily, Amy and me
Ooohhh...look at those kissable lips

Going in for the kiss....

Hmmm...I have an idea
TACKLE!!!! (Check out his hand on her nose)

Luke shared his brand new Radio Flyer, I was pulling her, but Luke decided he wanted to push instead.  
Emily's first Sandbox experience
Another sidebar---my daughter does not like to eat anything but milk, cereal and vegetables.  I have tried just about every kind of fruit that she is allowed to have at this age and she hates them all!  She never once spit out her veggies, in fact, she is a pretty clean eater---nothing on her chin almost ever.  The picture below is from today while eating pears/cereal.  Again, she HATES fruit!  She was screaming so loud, Brian came in from the garage to find out what was going on!  I had to make her some new food and she ate up every bit of it.  Any hints to get her to like fruit?  Or do I just bask in the glory of her love of veggies?  

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well, that will wake you up...

Okay, so as I mentioned in a blog a little while ago----I'm exhausted.  It isn't abnormal for me to go to bed before 10 because I have to be at work by 7, so between getting myself up and ready and Emily up, fed and ready to go---I am up pretty early.  Tonight, my bedtime was 9:00.  Sweet, beautiful 9:00.  As you can tell from the is not yet August 21st as I had hoped it would be the next time I opened my eyes.  

My sleep was interrupted by a very loud repetitive thumping sound.  I had NO idea what it could be, but like I said it was loud!  My gut reaction was to start yelling----again---I was SOUND asleep before this occurred.  Brian, waking up along with me---completely groggy joins me in my quest to find out exactly what was causing this horrible, terrifying sound.  Was it our ceiling fan?  Was our ceiling fan breaking apart chucking pieces of it's wood around our room?  Yes, it's the ceiling fan, but I don't feel anything falling on me....I don't see anything falling around the room.'s the deflated "Happy Birthday" balloon from Brian's birthday 3 weeks ago.  I have NO idea how it got in our room---wasn't in our room before we drifted off into la-la-land.  

Any of you reading my blog lately know that I have been dealing with middle of the night (well, middle of the night for me anyway) crisis is complete without a bloody nose!  Seriously.....when can I get some sleep people????? 


Back to school time means crazy time for me!  In the last seven days I have met with 150+ students one on one.  I am exhausted!  This exhaustion is a close 2nd to my first couple of months as a new mom.  Okay, maybe not that close, but still...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The difference between men and women

Okay, I guess I can't lump everyone into such a general men vs. women subject, so I guess this is really the difference between me and my husband.  We have been to Home Depot 3 times in the past two days because we have decided to epoxy our garage floor and then we'll put some cabinets up.  Where is the difference? The difference is, I would ask how much it would be for someone to do it for me---Brian, he's determined to do it himself.  

You can only epoxy one side of the garage at one time, which is fine, but we had some SERIOUS oil spots in our garage from the previous owner.  So, we moved everything from one side of the garage to clean that side and once it dried we moved everything back to the other side and then cleaned that side.  We'll be doing one side of the epoxy tomorrow, wait 3 days, move everything back to the other side and then epoxy that side.  Geesh.  

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Emily got to go to her first fair!  Aunt Kristi, Cousins Haley and Lexi, Grandma, Daddy and Mommy loaded up the car and headed to the Orange County Fair on Saturday.  Emily got to see lots of animals--including the pig races.  Once again she was a trooper!  Going to the fair was very spur of the moment so it affected her afternoon nap.  In other words, she chose to forfeit her nap.  So, after her morning nap, she didn't go to bed until after 9:00!  Here are some pictures of the fun! 

Emily with her friend the cow.  

Hmm....should I touch them?
Yeah, I'll try touching them...

Watching the goat eat his dinner

Aunt Kristi, Cousin Lexi, Grandma and Emily waiting for the pig races to begin
Brian trying a deep fried snickers for the first time.  My mom and I helped him eat it.  Not anything I will be craving any time soon...
Emily at the end of the night still ready to party!