Friday, November 11, 2011

Emily is FOUR!

"They grow up so fast" is a phrase I have heard consistently since I was pregnant with Emily. Strangers would stop me and talk to me about how far along I was etc...and would almost always end with, "they grow up so fast." I mean, sure, I was aware of that, I went through the growing up process, right? So then why am I always shocked with each birthday just how fast it really is going?

This is the first birthday that Emily totally got the birthday bug. Her preschool makes birthdays so special so I think as she watched her friends enjoy their birthdays, she looked forward to her own. Birthdays are a BIG deal around here too...We had a countdown to her special day. When she woke up and came out to meet me in the kitchen I said, "Hello birthday girl" and she responded with, "I KNEW IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!" She was so excited.

I'm a sap, but I had no idea how special her birthday production at school was going to be for me. When I showed up, she would not let me go....she is not a touchy feely girl, so her snuggles were overwhelming (in a good way) to me.

She had a great day. Lots of fun at school and a yummy dinner.....of which I totally forgot to take any pictures of! Oops! Guess we were just having too much fun to stop and capture the moments. So, Emily, just know you had a TON of mac n cheese and an ice cream cone!

Not the best picture of us, but had to capture the lovebug...
Getting her very special birthday crown
Birthday girl got to hold the American flag for the Pledge of Allegiance
Sitting with her class for song time
They have this board out in the main walkway so anyone walking in got to see her name on the board.
Opening gifts! Thank you Auntie Tabatha, Uncle Tyler and cousin Zachary!
Thank you Auntie Alyse and Uncle Robert....and our sweet peas in a pod! (Pay no attention to the picker)