Wednesday, October 28, 2009

24 weeks and a toddler bed

Emily was teething a couple weeks ago and she was not sleeping at all, so we decided instead of waiting until her birthday to give her the bed we would give it to her that weekend. Kinley and Emily will share their room so we left the crib in the room. When it came time for "night-night" time she was VERY disturbed that we were not putting her in the crib. Although we had a very rough night the first night (mostly teething related if you ask me) she has done really well. She has yet to realize she can actually get out on her own and open the door which is a major blessing to me and my need of sleep.

We always put her down with her blanket, but she tends to take it off almost immediately in the night.

Such a big girl!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I love you, Kinley

Emily was super snuggly with me and Brian last night.  She has said "I love you" for quite awhile now, but it's typically said at night after we have put her in bed and are about to close the door.  We always say "I love you Emily" and she responds with "I love you."  Well, yesterday afternoon and evening Emily was telling us she loved us constantly and would even follow it up with a hug.  She'll say "hold you" when she wants us to hold her or she'll say, "hugs" when she wants a hug.  She did plenty of that last night too. 

Brian and I share the responsibility of putting Emily to bed....we split it up every other night so that she doesn't expect us both to be there every night.  We each have our own routines with her.  My routine lately has been centered around singing songs and talking to the "baby in mommy's belly."  She still doesn't quite understand the idea that there is an actual baby in my belly, but she's definitely noticing that my stomach is getting bigger.  This past week I've had to put Emily down more often because of Brian's schedule so we've had a lot of tummy time together.  She pats it every night and even says, "hi baby!"  

Last night after our song and prayer time Emily gave me a big hug and told me she loved me.  I told her that I loved her back.  I asked her if she loved "baby" and she said yes.  I asked her if she would tell the baby that she loved her.  (It was at that moment that I just about lost it.)  Emily put her tiny, sweet hands on my belly, leaned in and said, "I love you, Kinley."  

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My little singer

It has been SO much fun hearing Emily's sweet little voice in conversation.  I am blown away with what she understands in conversation.  She is such a little sponge and retains so many words it's truly fascinating.  She's recognizing letters (although she is most comfortable with the letter O and she finds it everywhere).  She's trying hard to count (her favorite number is 2). My personal new personal favorite is her SINGING voice!  We have been listening to the same CD's for so long now, but she's finally singing along with them!  Her two favorites right now are Old MacDonald and John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.  JJJS cracks me up because not only does she try saying the words she also focuses on the whispering and shouting parts.  I LOVE IT!  

At night before I lay her down she requests that I sing her a song.  Lately her request has been "Jeeshus" which means Jesus Loves Me.  Oh man, it warms my heart.  

Okay, gotta go, she just said, "bath" and took off to the bathroom and turned the lights on---oh dear, now I hear all kinds of thuds.....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Photos in review...

So, Emily got her fourth stomach virus in the middle of September. We had NO idea the flu was coming....if we did, I can assure you she wouldn't have had the chocolate chip cookie earlier that day! That's part of the lack of blogging. She was sick for three days and then the following weekend I got the same thing with a bronchitis bonus. Boo.
Auntie Alyse was just in town and was SO generous with her belongings with Emily. In the picture above, Emily is holding Alyse's camera and taking a picture of her baby. She says "Cheese" when she has the camera in her hand.
The camera also has an easy playback viewing of any pictures and video. Here is Emily viewing various videos that Auntie took throughout the weekend.
We all went to the pumpkin patch Saturday night. It was past Emily's bedtime when we got there so it wasn't the best experience, but I was very pleased we did get a family photo. Check out that huge stomach of mine! (The night before this photo was taken a man asked me when I was due, when I told him I had 4 months left, he was shocked he said I look like I would be due next month---as if I didn't feel huge already!)
Our little blue girl....the florescent lights were directly over the pile of pumpkins that Emily was checking out. I just love her sweet smile here...