Saturday, May 31, 2008


Brian and Joe have been friends since college.  They were roommates for two years in college.  After college, Brian had moved back to Oregon, but they remained close.  Joe asked Brian to be his best man in his wedding and a year later Brian asked Joe to be his best man.  I can count on one hand the amount of times that I have seen my husband get choked of those times was when he was speaking about Joe at our rehearsal dinner before the wedding.  
Joe and Alisha moved to Menifee a little while ago....we kinda lost touch with them.  Around April last year, Brian called Joe to tell him that we were pregnant--only to find out that they were pregnant too!  Alisha was 4 weeks pregnant behind me!  What a small world!  It's funny because Brian and Joe are exactly one month apart in their birthdays and now our two little kids are a month apart too!  Emily was born November 10th and Oliver was born December 8th.  We have really had a lot of fun hanging out with them---as two families!  Weird.  

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Emily eating veggies

We started on rice cereal about 3 weeks ago when Emily turned exactly 6 months.  This past Saturday we started her on veggies---green beans to be exact.  She wasn't sure if she liked them or not, but we had fun feeding them to her.  

For those of you who have heard me complain about our crazy dryer buzzer that you cannot turn off without doing something to the wires----the sound is captured in this video too!  

Emily on the swing

We took Emily to a nearby park a couple weeks ago and let her ride on the swing for the first time...She loved it!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Emily sitting...

I took this video of Emily playing yesterday.  She has 99.9% mastered the art of sitting...for safety purposes, I put pillows around her while I was video taping

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Early Mother's Day present...

My little girl is 6 months old today.  In fact, she woke us up at 5:51 this morning---the EXACT time that she was born.  Crazy.  Brian and I have experienced so many different kind of emotions in the past 6 months.  I love every minute that I get to spend with her.  You see, my little pity party that I was having recently was mostly because of mother guilt.  For those of you don't have to work away from home---you may never understand the complete dread of every morning--- knowing that you are going to have to send your little girl off to someone else's arms.  When she cries, you aren't the one to comfort her.  When she smiles, you aren't the one to receive the joy.  I got an early mother's day present last night... Brian was holding Emily, I leaned in to give her a kiss, and she reached for me.  This is the first time she has ever held out both arms to be held by her mommy.  I cannot even begin to describe how incredible it was for this working mommy.  I needed that more than she will ever know.  

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bath time....

Okay, so Emily has NEVER liked bath time....until this week!  YAY!  She would scream bloody murder at us anytime we got her in the water.  (Just ask Aunt Holly---she witnessed this behavior when daddy was out of town.)  Anyway, I don't know what changed, but she started reaching for her toys in the tub and everything.  Here are some pictures from her bath last night.  The toys were not all in her little tub, she reached for them and started piling them around her belly. 

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Brian, Emily and I headed out to Lake Elsinore and Temecula today to visit with some friends.  We drove down Ortega Highway and found the most random wedding spot ever.  I tried to get a picture of it, but my camera didn't want to take a picture while we were moving.  I was able to get a picture of the reception area, but it wasn't as funny as the ceremony area.  Their background was a 2 lane highway!  The guests would be looking at the traffic passing behind the bride/groom.  Random...