Monday, July 26, 2010

A couple of Emily things....

Emily LOVES her baby sister. She loves her too much sometimes. She likes to get right in her face and say, HI KINLEY!!!! Everything she does is RIGHT IN HER FACE. I say, Emily you need to give her space almost as often as I breathe.

The other night it went down like this:

Me: Emily, honey, you really need to give her some space
E: I can't I LOVE HER!

She's also becoming a bit more of a snuggle bug. She is not one to offer hugs to anyone. She often holds her hands straight to her side even when asked to hug a grandparent. She's just not very affectionate. Never has been. Even as a baby she would cry if we held her, she wanted to be on her own. Anyway, before going to bed, her new thing is to ask if she can snuggle us. Let me think, uh, YES! I just thought it was so incredibly sweet the other night when she "snuggled me." She was in bed and pulled my head, neck, shoulders down next to her. She started to scratch my back and hummed a tune. She played with my hair a bit and then told me it was time for bed. Love her.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We spent the entire Fourth of July in our community this year. For the past two 4th of July's we have been out of town and we have missed the events our community puts on, but we made up for it this year!

We headed out early in the morning for the Pancake breakfast and to cheer on our neighbor's son in the 1K. It was SO precious to watch the kids run and the families/friends cheer them on. After the race we sat down and waited for the parade. It didn't entail too much, but it had a firetruck, police cars, kids on bikes etc...Emily loved the parade because they kept throwing candy out to the kids. Oh dear...

We came home for lunch and naps and then headed back out for the evening games and fireworks. The fireworks were amazing for just community fireworks. They lasted at least 15 minutes and they really didn't hold back. Very entertaining. We were sitting in a perfect spot to watch them all too. So fun!


P.S. There aren't any pictures of Brian because I pretty much had Kinley strapped to me throughout the day and didn't have access to the camera, so I had to keep asking him to take pictures of different moments...

Friday, July 2, 2010

My girls

Seriously, my girls are so precious to me. They can get me to smile at the end of a very long day. They can make my heart feel more love than I have ever known. They complete me in ways that I never knew I needed. I say this at the end of the LONGEST week.

Emily has had croup this week and we are certainly paying the price. Two nights out of the week she was up every 30 minutes either coughing or crying/whining for us to come into her room. Kinley, who is 5 months old, is not sleeping through the night yet and her amount of "wakes" have been more frequent this week. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the amount of times Emily is waking. Kinley is also outgrowing the swaddling stage though. The blankets we have used no longer contain her and we figure it's a good time to break her of that habit then to switch to a new kind of blanket and prolong the inevitable.

Brian and I are functioning on fumes. We are exhausted. Kinley is still in a bassinet in our room. She's not on a good sleep pattern yet to move her into Emily's room. We're desperate for change. We are holding out every bit of hope that Kinley starts to sleep better for several reasons.

Precious girls....PLEASE SLEEP!