Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get all of the details...

Okay, So Brian and I headed up to the campsite on Friday night instead of Saturday morning as planned.  After the kids went to bed Friday night, Alisha was reading aloud some of the activities going on during the weekend.  So, Saturday morning comes, we feed the kids and we're deciding what we want to do for the day.  Alisha brings up the idea of going to the farmer's market.  I am in total camp mode and decide that I won't dress Emily just yet nor will I shower.  So, I pulled my hair up into a ponytail, grabbed some jeans and headed outside.  I asked them if we should walk or drive and they all said drive, so we hopped in the car.  PEOPLE, I was TOTALLY expecting to go to the farmers market ON the campsite, but we drove right out the exit of the resort and went to the farmers market DOWNTOWN!  Totally embarrassed.  Oh well.  The picture below is exactly what Emily looked like right before sticking her in the car that morning.   

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My first camping adventure

I had a very different childhood than Brian---not that my childhood was a bad one---it just wasn't spent on family bike rides, camping or skiing.  We weren't all that outdoorsy but we had fun anyway.  So, once Emily came into our little family---it was clear that my indoorsy childhood was not gonna cut it with Brian as her dad.  Lucky for Brian, our dear friends Joe and Alisha invited us to join them for camping over Memorial Day weekend. 

Although I have seen movies and tv shows with camping in a scene---I was SO unprepared.  Did you know that when you go camping, you stay outside all day?  Who knew??  Holy cow---I am so glad I grabbed a sweatshirt (by chance I would need it).  I practically lived in the thing.  I only took one pair of long pants----can anyone say NEWBIE????  Brian, the expert, offered NO advice.  

We totally FROZE the first night because we are idiots and didn't turn on the heater.  I shivered ALL NIGHT LONG people!  Thankfully, we thought about it the next night and we slept MUCH better and Emily even slept until 8:00 AM....that hasn't ever happened...

I have so many stories, but I am sure it would bore most of you especially since I have so many pictures---so enjoy!

Emily playing with her "blocks" on the only piece of carpet in the RV
Emily in her camping chair
This is the "pool table" that Emily occupied most of her time during the day.  Please notice Oliver in the background running toward all of the big kids---Emily was perfectly fine playing with the table all by herself.  (She HATED the little pool we had for the kiddos)
Snack time on the kid's picnic table---these kids ate ALL DAY LONG
Oliver shaking his booty and Emily checking it out---if they get married, this is so gonna be in their slideshow
The gang---right outside of our camping spot
Happy Memorial Day!
Emily kept giving Oliver hug after hug, but we didn't get one single great picture...this will have to do. 
The morning routine----Bananas first while Brian made pumpkin pancakes for everyone.  

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Surprise

Emily, Brian and I headed to Fullerton for a graduation on Saturday---to our surprise, Brian's dad and step-mom surprised us!  Emily lasted a whopping 20 minutes in the ceremony, we bribed her with food, but apparently, when you're teething, food isn't the best bribe.  
I just L-O-V-E the pictures of Emily with Grandpa---- SO sweet!!!!

flash cards

Although this video shows Emily locating similar cards, we are amazed with how quickly she is recognizing different animals and objects.  We play with these cards just about every day and every day she recognizes a new one.  I love it....

Monday, May 4, 2009

Moms...if you are out there...HELP ME!!!

I desperately need some food ideas or feeding tips for Emily.  This girl used to eat EVERYTHING and now she is so picky I might start pulling out one hair per tantrum....pretty sure I'll be bald by the end of the week.  

Current Emily approved foods:
Cereal Bars
Anything with "cracker" in the name
Grilled Cheese
Green Beans (if she is in an okay mood)
Sweet potatoes
Dry Cereal (don't even think about putting milk in it)

Current "Are you kidding me by putting that on my plate thinking I will like it" Emily foods:

Any kind of meat other than tofu (used to LOVE chicken, ham, turkey)
Any kind of Pasta
All fruits except for the previously mentioned ones

I know her "like" list seems somewhat long, but we have to guess what mood she'll be in when its time to eat.  Some of the approved items are not so approved if we put it on her plate.  I really need help on this....anyone have any good tips---I don't want to have to do the deceptively delicious thing, but I might just have to.