Sunday, October 16, 2011

My little School Girl

Emily has been in school for one month. I cannot get over all of the change I have seen come over her in this past month. She's always been my cautious girl, but I'm starting to see her become a little more curious, more adventurous when we are out and about. She's always been bashful in meeting people---or in saying goodbye to people that she knows well, but each day, I'm seeing small changes in those areas too. It's funny because she's been in daycare since she was ten weeks old, but it's the school environment that has her breaking out of her shell.

She comes home singing new songs every day. She has a cubby full of artwork and worksheets each day. I had a reality check when I realized she's at school now and I'm not going to get a full report of how she was during the day. Emily tells us funny little stories each day and it has become a puzzle for us to try and piece her stories together to figure out what she did during the day.

She has been writing the letter "E" for several months now. She can identify her name written out anywhere, but I have never seen her write out her name. In one month of school this is what her name looks like....

She comes home every day and spends about twenty minutes at the table working on whatever number or letter she did for the day. She wants to show me over and over again her "I, i, O, o, A, a, 2, 3, 4" etc... She's just too cute! I love that her little brain is getting some good stimulation. She's absolutely thriving.

I'm so proud of my little girl.