Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer in Review

I am home alone.  (funny that as I wrote that I felt like I should put my hands on my face and scream AAAAAHHHHHH)

Anywho....Since I am now uterus free, I'm using the quiet time in the house to be lazy.  I'm not sure I will ever have this kind of excuse again, so I might as well use it right?  The problem is, in this peaceful, quiet, home I'm finding that I sure miss my little nuggets that make this house so incredibly loud!  I was looking back at pictures in my phone and found that we have had an incredible summer.  I definitely got a little blog lazy and posted most of my pictures via Facebook...but we have been busy bees! Rode rides at San Diego Fair, decorated the house for 4th of July with flags, shopped, attended birthday parties, met Hello Kitty, performed headstands in our empty "old" home, got face paintings done for the first time, visited orange county fair, got new big girl beds, lots and lots of dinners and bbq's with friends, celebrated Brian's birthday with gourmet food trucks, horse racing and stone brewery, went swimming in pools and ocean, concerts in the park, first haircuts and numerous hours spent in our backyard playing playing playing!

There have been several moments this summer that I look at my beautiful girls and think, wow! they are changing.  Their height, their faces, their attitudes (sometimes for the worst, sometimes for the best).  The girls have found such a solid friendship with each other.  It's so neat to hear them call for the other to join them in whatever activity they are playing.

In the past couple of weeks while I've been healing, I have found that my little family has so much love for each other.  My poor girls witnessed me get sick a couple of times, but what I love about it is how they watched Brian come to my aide.  They became very observant of anything he did for me.  Their favorite thing was when they watched him help me down/up a couple of stairs.  Emily started to feel like it should be her responsibility to help me up the stairs.  Anytime there was any type of step up, she would come offer her hand to help me.   Kinley would ask all kinds of questions.  "why daddy close your door, is it because of yous boo-boos?"  "you need help up stairs mama? I hold yous hand okay mama?" "yous sick mama? because of yous boo-boos mama?" There's been an awful lot to this healing that I didn't realize would be so difficult, but I think the absolute worst is not being able to hold them or snuggle them.  I can't be the mom I want to be with them right now, but I have been so blessed and overwhelmed by their love and their concern for me.

This summer has kind of had it all.  From lots of fun to deeply rooted family love.  I am blessed beyond measure.

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